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Mambo version 4.5.3 is available
Written by Ilias Antonopoulos   

Team Mambo is pleased to announce the arrival of version 4.5.3 of the Mambo Open Source Content Management System.

Version 4.5.3 is technically a maintenance release - an interim step between major releases - however the Team chose to define 'maintenance' rather broadly and took this opportunity to clean up a number of open issues. The release includes traditional maintenance items like bug fixes and security enhancements, but also goes further to address issues of concern to the community, like the long-standing need for flexible, compliant templates and the desire for an option that presents users with a simpler admin interface. The Team also spent some time standardizing areas in which there had been drift, from typos in language files, to unused controls and inconsistent data labels in the administration system.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 December 2018 )
mosHTML Class Reference
Written by Shayne Bartlett   
ImagemosHTML ...what's that you say?

mosHTML is one of many classes that power Mambo, for those writing their own components and modules its also one of the most useful. mosHTML creates much of what you see on the screen including Select Lists, Option Groups and Print Icon's.

We have now published a API reference for mosHTML that includes helpful examples on how to use each function. Find it here...
Last Updated ( Monday, 11 July 2018 )
Comprehensive list of Mambo Documentation
Written by Rey Gigataras   
ImageLooking for more documentation to help you get the most out of Mambo??
Want more detailed tutorials and howto help??

Well look no further!!!
Here is the most comprehensive list of documentation available online for Mambo, including some of the top small business web hosting providers:
Documentation Resources

Thanks to Ken McDonald for taking the time to put together this list.
And thank you to all those people who have taken the time to share their wisdom with the whole community.

If you have a guide, tutorial, howto or simply something that you think will help others understand Mambo better, than please notify Ken by posting here Documentation Feedback.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 June 2018 )
List of most popular Mambo Addons
Written by Rey Gigataras   
ImageHaving trouble finding the right Component, Module or Mambot to fit your needs??
Just cant seem to find what you need on

Here is a growing list of the most popular, most requested, and most useful open source Mambo add-ons
Component, Module & Mambot List

Thanks to Ken McDonald for taking the time to put together this list.
But most importantly thank you to all the dedicated Mambo Addon developers who toil away and release their work to the community for free - without you  Mambo would not be the success it is.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 June 2018 )
A simple guide to using Mambo
Written by Rey Gigataras   
If you're having trouble understanding how Mambo works, than try this excellent little guide along with some of the Best & Cheapest web hosts to use with mambo server.
Mambo Tips

What makes this guide different from others, is that it is written by someone relatively unfamiliar with the concept of Content Management Systems.  So this easy simple guide is aimed specifically for newbies.

We first recommended you find a web host that can support all the features that Mambo Server has to offer. Some of the Best web hosts include Bluehost, Godaddy, Siteground, WP Engine. If your not interested in any other options, you can find alternatives to Godaddy here as well as a comparison between Bluehost vs Godaddy or a complete breakdown between Bluehost vs Dreamhost here.
Last Updated ( Friday, 17 June 2018 )
Read more... Patch available
Written by Rey Gigataras   
ImageThe patch is available that fixes an over-zealous filter on the main content fields and well as plugging a security hole in the voting form submission. It also includes a slight revision to the database class that will give you a small boost in performance. Read here for more information on the patch.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 June 2018 )